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Thanks for asking for my opinion in your most recent survey. We run your stuff all the time and it never let's us down. In fact, I think your product is for the " Best of Riders."  But some of my friends seem to be nothing but a bunch of cheap b...tards. They buy helmet masks that look like yours because they cost less but then find out it don't work and are uncomfortable. That's when I just smile inside my helmet and laugh at these guys. They spend a lot for their sleds then cheap out when it comes to vision equipment rather than buying a high performance NO-FOG® Mask. Or they spend a ton on a new fancy helmet only to find that don't work either all the time, especially with eyeglasses. Or the cord gets tangled & breaks. Thanks again and keep making great product that works for guys like me!
Sled Header Mac, Somewhere in Northern WI.


We bought your masks for the whole family and they work great!! My husband is a heavy breather. In 20yrs of snowmobiling, nothing helped. He tried electric shields, mod helmets, ski-doo helmets and then goggles. Always disappointed. Then we tried the NO-FOG® Mask. What a wonderful product. Now he can see again and doesn't complain anymore. What a relief. I wish we bought them sooner. We love, love, love this mask!  Marjorie M., Minnesota




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*Cold weather use helmets need extra room to fit balaclava's, etc. (compared to a summer motorcycle or other helmet). Always wear the proper size and allow breath to exit outside bottom of helmet. If so equipped, remove helmet chin screen & breath box. Check over your headwear once received the 1st time (in front of a mirror) to check fit before riding. Be smart. Study what's going on and follow instructions for top performance... And know the definition of helmet Breath Fog.