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ALL TECHS Advise; *Pre-assemble your head gear (NO-FOG® Mask, helmet, goggles, etc.) in doors the 1st time preferably in front of a mirror and learn how everything fits prior to riding. Then afterwards, you'll be able to dress quickly anywhere and ride comfortably while having fun this winter! It also helps as a diagnostic tool later.

1) Tech advises; As with all garments, you may wash the mask prior to wearing. This will remove any production handling and also soften mask fabric. Hand wash alone in luke warm water, mild soap. Air dry flat. No Machine. Contact Tech for further info regarding fabric.

2) Tech advises; If your going to wear a balaclava with the NO-FOG®, pull down opening exposing chin, do not cover your nose or wear the balaclava over our mask. See tech tip #11.

3) Tech advises; Do not bend out of shape aluminum nose bridge as you may affect the fog fighting performance of your new mask. Follow instructions printed on product package.

4) Tech advises; Always flip deflector up when not in use to retain proper shape & use our cardboard packaging insert or send a self addressed stamped envelope for one as they are free for the asking. Also when using for the first time, check to see that the front deflector is conforming to the inside of your full-face helmet. And as a diagnostic tool for later use.

5) Tech advises; Some riders carefully lay mask and goggles over engine area to warm while taking a break. The MX mask you can turn the bottom fleece inside and wear as a hat, too! Also a brand new NO-FOG® Mask is your insurance policy during a vacation away from home against fog up!

6) Tech advises; Allow mask to break-in for a time to fully conform. The more you wear the softer it becomes. Also if you need to clean end of season please carefully hand wash only, mild soap and let air dry flat with front deflector flipped up as you would while storing. DO NOT MACHINE!

7) Tech advises; Remember that eyeglasses can fog through climate change or sweat/perspiration by wearing cold eyeglasses on a warm face. This condition is not associated with breath fogging and is a separate issue not connected to breath fogging. Please see additional info on this site.

8) Tech advises; If you wear mask and you experience fogged eyeglasses remove mask, inspect for any neoprene that may be creased or folded over and try wearing again. Also make sure mask is well centered and up around nose. Check to see that there is not any obstruction that may be preventing nose from resting in opening. See above additional info. You may also try wearing the upper Z-Strap™ in different positions forward or aft depending upon the application and need.

9) Tech advises; Wear NO-FOG® w/o balaclava for the ultimate riding experience and feeling of freedom (full face helmet only), but you'll need to wear a turtleneck (layered) and a snowmobile jacket with high collar.

10) Tech advises; Reposition Z-Strap™ if needed over ears for comfort. Attach Velcro anywhere to mask. Try different positions until you find a spot you like. If you experience a section of ear discomfort while wearing eyeglasses, look inside helmet for proper "ear pocket" clearance. We use a 1 1/16" x 1/2" drive socket and "roll" the inside edge of helmet foam to remove the leading edge where your glasses would slide through. This trick helps a lot.

11) Tech advises; This is really a no-brainer but remove the helmet chin screen so that all breath "exits" outside bottom of helmet and of course remove any helmet nose deflector. Also you must wear the proper size mask for your situation. Recommended neck circumference is measured around neck w/o balaclava (similar to dress shirts and ties).

12) Tech advises; Reposition Velcro behind neck so that "hook" is not rubbing against your skin. Also, when removing helmet (under rare conditions), make sure front breath deflector is not frozen to inside of helmet chin guard.

13) Tech advises; When placing helmet, spread open the helmet by ears/chin strap area and "roll" the helmet onto head from back of head towards front. Being careful not to pull the NO-FOG® off your nose. Then from underneath-inside of helmet (by mouth/chin) make sure the breath deflector is well positioned and conforming to the inside of helmet. Double check fit around nose. Your all set to ride.

14) Tech advises; Further instructions and tips are listed on product packaging. Also see our FAQ section here.

15) Tech advises; If wearing the NO-FOG® with a single pane or uncoated helmet shield (motorcycle), you MUST be aware of "Climate Change" fog. See additional info on this site. VERY IMPORTANT!


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