Frequently Asked Questions

How does this thing work?

Thanks for asking. NO-FOG® is a Total Breath Deflector™. All breath fogging comes from your nose or mouth (please see further explanation here). So to eliminate this type of fog it must be totally re-directed down and out. And to work properly a breath deflector must become a part of you, not the helmet or goggles. Because breath fogging comes from you. Just ask anyone who wears eyeglasses! 

But will this fit my helmet?

Yes! The NO-FOG® is designed to fit all traditional helmets. Actually the mask is designed for your face/head so you'll need to get the right size listed as neck sizing. So in effect our mask is like a breath mask that you'd wear with a balaclava (except part #MX). Or in the case of a full face helmet, some riders wear the NO-FOG® without a balaclava.

I don't wear a "motor" helmet but I see you've got something for outside activity.

Our #SB-1 is designed for skiing, snowboarding and really any outdoor cold weather activity. And yes, they work great for breath fogging and keeping your face warm. Now available in 3 colors! The NO-FOG® got rave reviews from people who wore them at the South Korean Winter Olympics.

For outdoor use like snow blowing, etc. which part number?

Our #SB-1 mask is designed for eyeglasses and will also work with goggles.

I see a lot of snowmobile riders now wearing Snocross helmets with goggles.

Your right. And a lot of them experience fogging as well. Maybe not necessary from the inside (although that happens too), but from the outside with hot moisture-laden breath rising up contacting the goggle. Even with some helmet deflectors the rising breath will seep past the poor seal and cling onto lens. These helmets are also much colder to wear than a full face and wearing the NO-FOG® adds warmth too. Not to mention the anti-fog benefits. Now with Zero-50 Fog™ technology.

Why do I need to buy your product when helmets come with a built in deflector?

All powersports helmets now come with a type of deflector. Some of them work ok for some people. The problem with these deflectors are that again, they are part of the helmet and fog comes from you. So unless you've got a solid seal on your face your not going to totally prevent breath fogging, especially riders who wear glasses. Think of it this way, if your building a motor and used an intake gasket for a different port shape, what's going to happen? It will leak. What we are doing here with the NO-FOG® is creating that all important seal on your face. Our masks were not copied from someone else but were invented to be compatible with human facial specifications in conjunction with the inside of a helmet.

I bought something that looks like your mask but it didn't work. How do I know yours will?

Where was it made? Wanna be copies are a dime a dozen. Seriously, how can you expect something to work "right" if there was no original thought going into it. We are proud to design, engineer and make all our products in the USA. Our tech people and customer service people are all outdoor cold weather enthusiasts. If you've got questions, fogging issues or need to ask an expert about your problem, we are here to help. And remember to always look for and ask for the "Original" NO-FOG® Mask invented by us and Made in the USA. Now with Dry Face™ technology & Smart-Fit™ Nose Seal.

What if I wear eyeglasses.

Great question. The NO-FOG® was originally invented for eyeglass wearers because of their unique fogging issues. If something works for eyeglasses then it will most definitely work for anything else like shields or goggles.

I've worn your mask now for 15 years but need a replacement. What's new?

Thanks for being a loyal customer. Every year we hear from people who bought one years ago. Our new NO-FOG® Mask is light years ahead of your old one. Remember how your mouth would get a little damp from breath? Well we've eliminated that annoyance with our new Dry Face™ technology. I think you'll be really impressed with our new stuff.

What about modular helmets with breath boxes?

Some riders really like those helmets partly because of that flip up front section. But they really hate those rubber breath boxes that are just plain annoying and wet. The nice thing about the NO-FOG® is that you can unhook your modular breath box and wear our mask in place. Or at times switch around if you like. Our mask will give you a much dryer face, anti-fog without freezing up and be a lot more comfortable. Either way you've got options for different riding conditions and people like that.

Just purchased your NO-FOG® so what about the helmet deflector.

Congratulations! You'll have a lot of fun riding this year with clear vision. All these helmet deflectors are easily removed. Some just push in while others are fastened with Velcro®. Its simple to do. Same goes for helmets that have the bottom chin screen-mesh. Remove that as well. Otherwise your breath will not exit out bottom of helmet.

You've got to admit this mask looks different.

Really? When you first saw a mobile phone ear piece I bet you thought that looked different too. Kind like something Spock would wear. Now look how mainstream they've become. Innovation is always on the leading edge....

Got Eyeglass/Helmet Fog?
Kill it with NO-FOG®!

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