History on the NO-FOG® Mask
Helping people with fogging for over 35 yrs.

The NO-FOG® is the "Original" High Performance Breath Deflector Mask for cold weather use. After careful technical analysis, we discovered that while riding & working in extremely cold climate conditions, you needed a breath deflector mask that would create a seal around your nose, mouth and face to prevent fogging. Also important was that it must be warm, comfortable and easy to wear in cold weather with a variety of helmets, goggles, eyeglasses and in varied working conditions. So special proprietary materials were developed, the name NO-FOG® was registered as a trademark, patents were acquired, production was started and thousands of people would finally discover fog-free eyesight. Either riding snowmobiles or working in cold harsh environments.


But the dealer said...
Over time a lot of anti-fog products and masks have come and gone but don't work properly, especially with eyeglasses & are uncomfortable after wearing for long periods of time. Internet merchants have said their product will work but it really doesn't. Still, while riding, people just opened the helmet shield a bit to try and prevent fogging. The draw-back is that when the temperature's below zero, the last thing you want is extreme cold air circulating inside helmet, possibly causing frost bite or watery eyes limiting visibility! Not good when your trying to out doge a predator at night while riding in the woods.


Buyer Beware...

As with anything that works, fake copies that kinda look alike emerge on the market. Internet sellers try to claim it works just as good but they really don't. Sadly shoppers believe advertising hype and end up with a bad experience. These companies have clever names like "froggy" or "darth vader" or "cold stopper" or you name it, just to name a few. Comparing these products with the NO-FOG® Brand is similar to comparing a 1960's JLO motor to a new high performance snowmobile 2 stroke EFI. We have no affiliation whatsoever with these companies so buyer beware. Only NO-FOG® Brand has the patented Smart Fitnose seal to prevent fogging, exclusive patented Dry-Face Technology to keep face dry while breathing cold air, the Lowest Industry fog rating @-40° and are made entirely in the .


Really a no brainer...

So that leaves you with a decision. Why not try our unique solution, the Genuine NO-FOG® Mask. A breath mask which becomes part of you. Because "breath fog" comes from you (nose & mouth)... not your helmet. Importantly you need to prevent helmet fog (through effective breath deflection) before it starts to happen. Not worry about it after fog appears by "trying" to melt or blow it out (venting). And to get a 100% breath deflection seal at the source, something must be worn on the face. Definitely not a deflector fastened to the inside of a helmet which will leak as soon as the helmet moves while riding down a rough trail.


And finally...
So after thousands of hours of riding, researching the human face and the way we breathe, the first (Generation #1A) NO-FOG® was conceived and test results were good. Product was produced and readied for the immediate snowmobile season (1987). After repeated enhancements over the years, constantly updating & adding new features, we now have a "state-of-the-art breath deflector" in Generation #7D / MX1 / A-7.  The ergonomic fit, feel and function are light-years ahead of anything else you might find. The NO-FOG® conforms to your face, cheeks and chin like no other. The softness built-in will provide exceptional wearing pleasure. Compared to other masks, breath deflectors, rubber helmet breath boxes and electric visors on the market, our latest Series #7D NO-FOG® Mask, MX1 Gaitor™ Mask, A-7 Trail™ Mask and its variants are truly "Best in Class." Look for and ask for the "ORIGINAL" NO-FOG® Brand to get the very latest in Advanced Breath Deflection Technology™.

Quote of the day!

NO-FOG® is your insurance policy against the ravages of breath fog....

Don't be fooled by uninformed dealers, misdirected web merchants or phone sales operators.
Your cold weather vision is too important to take unwarranted chances!
Trust the "Original" NO-FOG® Brand Fog-Free Mask.


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