NO-FOG® Breath Deflector Mask...
Everything you need for clear vision...
Innovation in headgear Comfort & Performance!


Engineered to stop* "breath fogging" of your helmet shield, eyeglasses, goggles
and helps to warm inhaled air for cardiovascular relief and lung function...
in cold weather situations.

"Breath Fog": comes from breathing cold air through nose & mouth into your warm lungs. When exhaled, this warm moisture-laden air clings onto surfaces (like visors) and creates annoying fog. Easy to diagnose, if you could hold your breath long enough outside while wearing helmet... and shields, eyeglasses or goggles still fog up, or simply wearing glasses indoors from the outside, then you are experiencing what we call "Climate Change/Perspiration Fog."


"Climate Change/Perspiration Fog": is basically heat and/or moisture coming from the pores of your skin fogging glasses and the like. This kind of problem is easily resolved by either wiping on a de-fog chemical solution or simply cooling yourself down. We could also call this a "climate change type fog." In other words, moving from a cold outside and into a warm inside fogging glasses instantly. But be aware that constantly breathing onto a chemical wipe with your breath in cold climates will make vision worse! As they tend to absorb moisture for dissipation and will or can "wash off" with water....definitely not for constant breath fogging!  Use these chemicals only for "Climate Change/Perspiration-Type Fog," never for cold weather breath fog control....


"Breath Fog": is obviously the hardest kind of fog to control because of the constant "pumping action" of moisture-laden breath through our lungs. But with breath deflection worn on your face properly, you can eliminate* this winter time annoyance and enjoy your cold weather experience with clear vision, warmth and comfort!


One more thought about breath deflection. Helmet breath boxes or deflectors are really part of the helmet and may not create a 100% seal at the source..."Your nose & mouth." If you want to control the source of the problem with breath fogging within a helmet, you must wear something on your face to create the best possible 100% seal. And as an added benefit to help warm inhaled air for cardiovascular relief, body temperature and easier breathing!


Got Eyeglass/Helmet Fog?
Kill it with NO-FOG®!

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*Follow included instructions for top performance!

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