#MX1High Performance
with Balaclava


What you should know:

Stops breath fogging* of eyeglasses, helmet shields (visors) & goggles down to -50° wind chill when used properly. Made with BCX3 micro-fleece neoprene and Dryline™ balaclava. Plus the exclusive patented Smart Fit™ nose seal.



Why does it work:

Perfectly forms to your nose, mouth and face creating a custom seal that directs all breath down and out keeping your helmet fog free! Generation +2 shape flexes & conforms to the inside of helmet making a comfortable High Performance breath guard. Eliminates* helmet, goggle, shield/visor AND eyeglass breath fog.... Better than any helmet breath box.


How to wear:

Talk about convenience,  wear this All In One™ NO-FOG® Mask inside any cold weather helmet. Includes Dry Face™ facial seal technology. No wet mouth. Soft & dry on your face.


Exceptional Benefit:

Moisture wicking attached top balaclava** (see below) and genuine bottom Polartec® brand fleece neck gaitor. Convenience of wearing a balaclava AND NO-FOG® Mask.



#MX1™ all black / #MXR™ red top / #MXB™ blue top


Find your size:

Large for neck sizing of 14"-18" (35-45cm) and XL for neck size of 18"-20" (45-50cm).



There are a lot of balaclava's on the market with front deflectors that don't seal properly for fogging, especially with eyeglasses and that may look similar but become wet and pinch against your nose. Get the latest tech advancements in breath deflection only from Team NO-FOG® Brand.


**Our balaclava's are made with a silver-based soft thermo antimicrobial fabric. Powered by silver ions which control the growth of bacteria and therefore keep the fabric smelling fresh. The silver ions are actually encased in the thread and are only released when they come in contact with human perspiration. Providing a comfortable experience while wearing your helmet. A NO-FOG® exclusive!


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*Cold weather helmets need extra room to fit a balaclava, etc. (compared to a summer motorcycle or other helmet). Always wear the proper size and allow breath to exit outside bottom of helmet. If so equipped, remove helmet chin screen & breath box. Check over your headwear the 1st time (in front of a mirror) to check fit before riding. Be smart. Study what's going on and follow instructions... And know the definition of helmet breath fog.


These masks are fantastic! I used to fog up until I came across this product while searching for "helmet fogging" on Google. With all the stuff I've tried over the years I was a little skeptical but ordered one anyways. The first ride of the year was in really cold and snowy conditions (typical fogging situation) and was blown away that there really was "No Fog" at all. I would highly recommend this product and brand to anyone. It is also quite rare of finding something that works as advertised.  Jimmy D., Minnesota

Yes, it’s expensive... just buy it! This mask (#MX1) is fantastic! Very well designed and made. It is also very easy to put on and comfortable for me. I bought the FXR Cold Stop at the same time I bought this and even though they look like similar products online, there is literally no comparison in person. The “NO-FOG®” is over twice the price, but it’s ten times better in quality and design. Very impressed.  Dean H., USA

All I can say is WOW! This NO-FOG® MX rocks. I've been wearing these NO-FOG® masks now for 10 years and this model is freaken AWESOME. Once you experience this product you will never ride without. Fogging problems in any weather and any condition are eliminated. I still like my new #7D High Performance mask when I want to wear different types of balaclavas or no balaclava, but then at other times I LOVE wearing this one. Having an attached balaclava makes it really easy to wear. Its fun when you get out and ride to choose different NO-FOG®'s because each one has a unique feel. Kind of like riding different types of sleds. These NO-FOG®'s just make me smile under my helmet while I'm blasting down the trail. Snowmobiling and having fun isn't the same if I'm not wearing my NO-FOG®. BEST ANTI-FOG MASKS EVER INVENTED!  Mitch L., Illinois


Industry News...

".....Studies performed by 3M (makers of Thinsulate® Insulation) have shown that one quarter of your bodies heat loss is through breathing. Every time you take a breath and exhale, you are sucking cold air into and pumping heat out of your body. No matter how good your clothing, no matter how good your wind protection, you will still lose 25% of your body heat through breathing." Not good for cold weather survival. Just another great reason to wear a NO-FOG® Mask while riding this winter!


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