Complete Helmet Breath Deflector System for Motorsports Helmets.

X-treme™... Ask for it by name!


What you should know:

Stops breath fogging* of eyeglasses, helmet shields (visors) & goggles down to -50° wind chill. Made with BCX3 neoprene and micro-fleece. The finest in the world for comfort. Plus the exclusive patented Smart Fit™ nose seal.


Why does it work:

Perfectly forms to your nose, mouth and face creating a custom seal that directs all breath down and out keeping your helmet fog free! Generation +2 deflector shape flexes & conforms to the inside of helmet making a High Performance breath guard. Eliminates* helmet, goggle, shield/visor AND eyeglass breath fog.... Better than any helmet breath box.


How to use:

Wear mask on your face inside a cold weather helmet. With or without a balaclava for different layered riding conditions.


Exceptional Benefit:

Bottom fleece added for extra coverage if needed. Mask same as #7D.


Find your size:

Large for neck sizing of 12"-18" (30-45cm)

XL for neck size of 18"-20" (45-50cm).


Beware & Compare:

There are a lot of breath masks on the market that don't seal properly for fogging, especially with eyeglasses and that kinda look similar but become wet and pinch against your nose.

Compare our snowmobile product with any breath deflector for fit, feel, function and all day comfort. Including moisture-management. Our years of hands on research & development will surpass any other fog related cold weather product. Especially for eyeglasses.


Get the latest made in USA & tested in Canada tech advancements in breath deflection only from
Team NO-FOG® USA Brand.

Mask Accessories:

Optional #001ZX "dog leg" strap replaces existing upper Z-Strap™ to fill the gap (around temples) on some motocross helmets used with goggles. Fits all NO-FOG® Masks except MX and A-7. Universal one size.


Optional #050 headband (without logo) also fills the gap on some motocross helmets with goggles. Available as an additional tool if needed. Wear with or without upper Z-Strap™. Universal one size.



Industry News...

".....Studies performed by 3M (makers of Thinsulate® Insulation) have shown that one quarter of your bodies heat loss is through breathing. Every time you take a breath and exhale, you are sucking cold air into and pumping heat out of your body. No matter how good your clothing, no matter how good your wind protection, you will still lose 25% of your body heat through breathing." Not good for cold weather survival.

Just another great reason to wear a NO-FOG® Brand Mask while riding this winter!

*Cold weather helmets need extra room to fit a balaclava, etc. (compared to a summer motorcycle or other helmet). Always wear the proper size and allow breath to exit outside bottom of helmet. If so equipped, remove helmet chin screen & breath box. Check over your headwear the 1st time (in front of a mirror) to check fit before riding. Be smart. Study what's going on and follow instructions... And know the definition of helmet breath fog.


Purchased a #7DG NO-FOG® to replace my old one. This new model mask is truly high performance in every way. I can't believe how much these masks have advanced over the years. If you've got an older model mask like mine, I urge you to try this new stuff. Warm and dry around mouth. Completely 100% breath fog free. Still made in the good old USA with customer service #1 in the industry. Eyeglasses with fogging this is the solution. I could write more but its snowing and I'm heading out to ride!!  Dan W., New York

I live in Alaska. I've had one of these for about 15 years and it's lasted all this time without falling apart. "Best thing since sliced bread!" I've been able to snowmachine as cold as -35 F without fogging up my goggles. I'm always warm and comfortable. I always feel sorry for other riders who continually fight fogged goggles while I have absolutely no trouble at all. I am now going to buy 2 more so I have a new one and an extra for friends or family (so I can stop feeling sorry for them!). My original is the #7D model, which I wear over a thin balaclava for added warmth. This time I'm buying the #7DG model so I have more neck coverage. A great and well thought out product. I'll never figure out why I don't see more folks wearing them. I guess they like being miserable... Seriously, this is a fantastic product and I ALWAYS use mine.  John G., Alaska

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