#7B & BX Binary
U.S. List $54.99

A lot of riders grew up wearing
this model so we bring back an old favorite!


Stops breath fogging* of eyeglasses, helmet shields (visors) & goggles down to -50° wind chill when used properly.

Wear* on your face, inside snowmobile helmet. With or without any balaclava.

Features a "retro" facial seal of soft stretchy medical grade neoprene. Soft and foregiving on your face.

Aircraft alloy exterior nose band.

Generation +1 (original style) front breath deflector. Fits all helmets.

Perfectly forms to the inside of any helmet for a customized fit breath deflector creating a seal around nose, mouth & face.

Exclusive removable by Velcro® colored upper head Z-Strap™ for complete head adjustability. Full instructions included. Free tech help if needed.

Large neck size of 12"-18" (30-45cm) and XL neck size of 18"-20" (45-50cm).

NO-FOG® is a thumbs up! I can see again while riding in cold temps. Fantastic.  Stacy, G., Vermont

I know this model doesn't have the Dry Face™ feature, but I still love the way it fits my face just like my old trusty NO-FOG® from years back when I started riding.  Ben K., Minnesota


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From SnowTech Magazine came some "Industry News" that is worth mentioning here:

".....Studies performed by 3M (makers of Thinsulate® Insulation) have shown that one quarter of your bodies heat loss is through breathing. Every time you take a breath and exhale, you are sucking cold air into and pumping heat out of your body. No matter how good your clothing, no matter how good your wind protection, you will still lose 25% of your body heat through breathing." Not good for cold weather survival.


Only the NO-FOG® Brand of Masks warm inhaled air with just the right amount of humidity for retaining body heat, cardiovascular relief & lung function in cold weather.


Just another great reason to wear a breath deflector mask while riding in cold weather....


Try any of our NO-FOG® Masks and see a difference!
*Cold weather helmets need extra room to fit a balaclava, etc. (compared to a summer motorcycle). Always wear the proper size and allow breath to exit outside bottom of helmet. If so equipped, remove helmet chin screen & breath box. Check over your headwear the 1st time (in front of a mirror) to check fit before riding. Be smart. Study what's going on and follow instructions for top performance... And know the definition of breath fog.  ©2021 NO-FOG® USA.


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