#7B™ & BX Binary™
U.S. List $43.99
Canada order direct, through your dealer or Royal Distributing

 A lot of riders grew up wearing so we bring back an old favorite!

Stops breath fogging of eyeglasses, helmet shields & goggles.

Wear on your face, inside any helmet. With or without balaclava.

Features a "retro" facial seal of soft neoprene.

Velcro® less-type fabric that creates no bulk behind neck for a slimmer fit inside your helmet.

Exclusive removable by Velcro® upper head Z-Strap™ for complete head adjustability.

Originally part numbered as #LE.

Large for neck sizing of 14"-18" and XL for neck size of 18"-20"

#7D™ 7DXL / #7DG™ 7DGXL / #MX1™ MXB™  MXR™ / #A-NFL Lite™
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*Cold weather helmets need extra room to fit a balaclava. Always wear the proper size NO-FOG® and allow breath to exit outside bottom of helmet. If so equipped, remove helmet chin screen. Check over your head wear (in front of a mirror) before riding. Follow instructions for top performance. ©2017 NO-FOG® USA.

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