NO-FOG® #A-7 Trail Mask
FOG RATING* @ -50°
U.S. List $39.99
Canadian's can order direct from us NAFTA Duty Free for only 9.99, or buy at your Parts Canada Dealer,
Motovan Dealer or through Royal Distributing 800.265.2970

The perfect "Fog-Free" mask...
For anyone who wears eyeglasses inside a helmet!

What you should know: Stops breath fogging* of eyeglasses, helmet shields (visors) & goggles down to -50° wind chill when used properly. Made with BCX3 neoprene and micro-fleece. The finest in the world for comfort. Plus the exclusive patented Smart Fit™ nose seal.

How to use: Wear* mask on your face, inside a cold weather helmet. With or without any balaclava.

Benefits: Permanent sewn upper head strap for eyeglass convenience.

Additionally: New Dry Face™ technology. No wet mouth while breathing... simply amazing! Soft & dry on your face! Original "Tom Martin" exclusive design.

How does it work: Generation +2 style flexible front breath deflector...
Perfectly forms to the inside of helmet creating a custom fit breath deflector around your nose, mouth and face.

Why should I buy: A comfortable hi-performance breath mask designed for cold weather use. Easy to install eyeglasses even with helmet on. Made in the USA and fast becoming a trail favorite!

Best feature: Works fantastic with "eyeglass" breath fogging inside helmet.

Does it really work: "Don't let the front end fool you" this is a user friendly mask with a unique shape that conforms to the inside of helmet. Eliminates helmet, goggle, shield/visor AND eyeglass breath fog*. 100% effective*.

Beware: Of cheap out-dated knock offs that may look similar but are wet, sticky and pinch against your nose.

Find your size: One size fits most for neck sizing of 14"-18" (35-45cm).

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Bought your NO-FOG® Mask from a local dealer here in Canada to wear inside my helmet and I love this product! I've been ski-doo'ing for over 25 years and have never been so pleased with a mask like yours. It is fantastic! I used to use an electric visor but with the hassle of wiring and tinting these have, I've been searching for something better. And now found it!  My group took a trip to northern Ontario and Quebec last season and rode in different temps. I had absolutely no fogging at all even though others in our group did have. My wife too won't go riding without. Cheers, Ben W., Manitoba, Canada

Its true! My eyeglasses stopped fogging from my breath the first time I wore this with my helmet. Now why didn't I try this years ago. It would of prevented a big headache we always had while riding in cold weather.  Archie D., Michigan 

Another tool (probably the best) for fighting helmet fog. Seems to work as advertised in any weather. A lot better than what comes with helmet (breath box & heated visor). I didn't follow the instructions at first but their tech help page put me on the right path to fog free riding. Perfect for eyeglasses at any speed!  Kent A., Ontario, Canada

From SnowTech Magazine came some "Industry News" that is worth mentioning here:

".....Studies performed by 3M (makers of Thinsulate® Insulation) have shown that one quarter of your bodies heat loss is through breathing. Every time you take a breath and exhale, you are sucking cold air into and pumping heat out of your body. No matter how good your clothing, no matter how good your wind protection, you will still lose 25% of your body heat through breathing." Not good for cold weather survival.

Only the NO-FOG® Family of Masks warm inhaled air with just the right amount of humidity for retaining body heat, cardiovascular relief & lung function in cold weather.

Just another great reason to wear a breath deflector mask while riding this season....

Try any of our NO-FOG® Masks and see a difference!
*Cold weather helmets need extra room to fit a balaclava, etc. (compared to a summer motorcycle). Always wear the proper size and allow breath to exit outside bottom of helmet. If so equipped, remove helmet chin screen & breath box. Check over your headwear the 1st time (in front of a mirror) to check fit before riding. Be smart. Study what's going on and follow instructions... And know the definition of breath fog.  ©2019 NO-FOG® USA.

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