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"The Top Anti-Fog Product on the Planet Earth™"
"Accept No Substitutes"

NO-FOG® is the best selling legendary "Original" Helmet Breath Deflector in the USA & Canada with an industry leading fog rating of -50. Guaranteed to stop breath fog on eyeglasses, helmet shields and goggles. Provides warmth, comfort and a perfect fit on your face. Awesome to wear in any kind of cold weather.... Work or Play!
.... Our masks are endorsed by satisfied customers worldwide! Beware of other neoprene masks with questionable origins. Our people actually work and ride in the most extreme cold weather environments on earth and know how to make a great product. For superior quality and fog-fighting performance.... Trust NO-FOG®!
More professionals wear NO-FOG® than any other!

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**Ultra New NO-FOG® #007MX Gaitor™.... Available Now!

NO-FOG® is also the "Triple Gold Standard" of High Performance Fog-Gear. Our masks have been around for over 25 years and include new unique design features and moisture wicking properties for your cold weather riding experience. These anti-fog masks with "Zero-50 Fog™" and "Dry Face™" technology can be comfortably worn with
Full Face, Open Face, Modular or Motocross/Goggle Helmets!

 The NO-FOG® will (fit your face) and conform to the helmet because they are engineered to real world riding conditions and human facial specifications (in other words, made in USA). We urge you to compare our product with any breath deflector on the market for fit, feel, function and all day comfort. Including moisture-management. Our years of hands on development will surpass any other product. That's the NO-FOG® "Wear-ability" Guarantee!

"Feeling is believing™" only from NO-FOG®.


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