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NO-FOG® Masks... are engineered to stop "breath fogging" of your helmet shield, eyeglasses and goggles when worn properly...

"Breath Fog": comes from breathing cold air through nose & mouth into your warm lungs. When exhaled, this warm moisture-laden air clings onto surfaces (like visors) and creates annoying fog. Easy to diagnose, if you could hold your breath long enough outside while wearing helmet... and shields, eyeglasses or goggles still fog up, then you are experiencing what we call "Climate Change/Perspiration Fog." Please see below.

I called my snow machine dealer with a severe fogging issue and the guy said come on in I've got a genuine No Fog for you. When I got there it wasn't your product at all but some inferior knock-off. He said yeah this is just like a No Fog but what a piece of junk! The nose piece was all bent out of shape and it pinched my eye shut when I put it on. It really pissed me off that some dealers use your name to sell whatever they've got in inventory. Needless to say I found your original mask from someone else. Now they will get all my snow machine business!
Ted P.

Dear customer service,
Recently after much research I decided to purchase your mask. So we did some internet shopping on amazon and ebay. And I was shocked at all the masks listed that claimed to be "no-fog" but were actually something else. Talk about being crooked. Snowmobilers need to be really careful that they are purchasing your original mask, made in the USA and not something else. A quick phone call to the local dealer and she said they could get my 7D mask in only a day. Sometimes it pays to check with your dealer first. Anyways I've now worn it for a couple of weeks riding in really cold weather and just wanted to say thank you! YOUR NO-FOG® MASK IS AWESOME!
Matt D.
North Dakota

Wanted to let you know that my fogging problems are now officially solved. I used the NO-FOG® last weekend and had outstanding results.  As a glasses wearer, I wouldn't trade it for anything, including a heated shield.  Thanks for a great product.
Ryan H.

Sending you feedback on your product. I purchased one 5 years ago and it has never failed me yet. But now I decided to get a new one, so I purchased your part #7D. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!! I thought my old one was good but this new one is even better.....twice as good! Thanks for making a product that works and keeps on getting better. I would highly recommend the NO-FOG® to anyone who is having fogging issues like me.
Norbert T.

This year I purchased your NO-FOG® for cold weather riding and the Xtreme™ for my wife. We both love the way they work and I can see why you've made so many snowmobilers happy. The fit, feel and function by far surpasses any other head gear product on the market.
Tyler S.

"Climate Change/Perspiration Fog": is basically heat and/or moisture coming from the pores of your skin fogging glasses and the like. This kind of problem is easily resolved by either wiping on a de-fog chemical solution or simply cooling yourself down. We could also call this a "climate change type fog." In other words, moving from a cold outside and into a warm inside fogging glasses instantly. But be aware that constantly breathing onto a chemical wipe with your breath in cold climates will make vision worse! As they tend to absorb moisture for dissipation and will or can "wash off" with water....definitely not for constant breath fogging!  Use these chemicals only for "Climate Change/Perspiration-Type Fog," never for cold weather breath fog control....

Hey it was hard finding your NO-FOG® but I'm sure glad I did.....Sweet! Outperforms all others by a long shot. I'm gonna order 2 more for my riding buddies.
Mike G.
New York

Dear NO-FOG®,
Ordered a mask from a snowmobile mail order catalog because the operator said it was like a no fog. I sent it back demanding they pay for my postage. I just got done riding all day and I am so impressed with your product, I just had to send you this note. Wearing the original NO-FOG® is like no other. When I stop at a bar (especially in Quebec), I make sure I secure my mask. I have heard of people stealing these "NO-FOG's" because everyone wants one. Thank you so much for inventing such a great product that actually works to my satisfaction.
Bruce E.

Ontario, Canada

All I can say is Super, Great, Fantastic. I used to fog up until I purchased your mask from my local dealer. Usually I don't believe what he says as I think he is just trying to sell me something. But he said I guarantee you'll love wearing the NO-FOG®. And he was right! Keep up the great work!
Rick L.

Its been cold all week and I couldn't ride without the NO-FOG®. Now everyone in our group will ride with one too!
Corey A.

Tech Assistance,
I've been wearing your NO-FOG® Mask for many years and it seems to last a long time. This year decided to purchase a new one. Thanks for your recommendation over the phone. I also like the fact that you employ American workers by way of your Made in the USA label. Thanks for making a great product and still believing in our country.
Dan B.

"Breath Fog": is obviously the hardest kind of helmet fog to control because of the constant "pumping action" of moisture-laden breath through our lungs. But with proper breath deflection worn on your face properly, you can eliminate this winter time annoyance and enjoy your cold weather riding experience with clear vision and comfort!

On one of the TV shows.... they featured your "NO-FOG®" and the guy said this is what he uses for his fog control.... My son took the snowmobile safety course this year and the instructor said the NO-FOG® was one way to stop fogging.... And then I got stopped this weekend by the DNR for a registration check and he had a NO-FOG® stuffed in his helmet.... OK enough already so I purchased the #7D/XL and I can honestly say I should of bought one years ago. It works that good! Thanks.
John S.

We bought your new NO-FOG® that was lighter and of a slimmer fit inside my helmet and I love this product! I've been ski-doo'ing for over 25 years and have never been so pleased with a mask like yours. It is fantastic!
Ben W.
Manitoba, Canada

You guys make the best dam product around. It truly ROCKS!
Rich E.

To whom it may concern:
Every year I attend the Eagle River Derby for a weekend of riding. But before we leave I usually place an order for stuff from one of the popular snow mail-order magazines. I started to experience some fogging this year so I decided to order a foggy mask. The catalog said it would prevent fogging. My first use that weekend was a complete disaster. I fogged-up so bad I ended up running into my friends snow flap.

That night sitting in the bar we struck up a conversation with this guy who said he was one of your (NO-FOG) factory engineers. He went out to his truck and gave me one of your #7D NO-FOG® masks! So needless to say I bought a round.... (or maybe two). The next day and for the rest of my weekend ride I had absolutely no fogging at all. My friends were also so impressed that on the way home we stopped at a snowmobile dealer and they purchased 3 more "NO-FOG's."

Thanks to your engineer who by chance we ran into. You now have more word of mouth and satisfied customers!


I am always on the web in those internet snowmobile chat rooms and last night the theme was helmet fogging. Some guys were also talking about goggle fogging (probably the same thing). The generic term "no fog" was used a lot with many breath deflecting products. I have your original mask and I was amazed that these clowns don't know what the heck their talking about. People need to be really careful that they are buying your original NO-FOG® and not some cheap fake. I do have a suggestion though.....could you make these in Ski-Doo® yellow?
Kevin H.

...One more thought about breath deflection. Helmet breath boxes or deflectors are really part of the helmet and may not create a 100% seal at the source..."Your nose & mouth." If you want to control the source of the problem with breath fogging, you must wear something on your face to create the best 100% seal.

Customer Service:
You don't have links to buy on the web so I went to one of the snowmobile mail order sites. When I did a search for your product "no fog" a different product came up. I think that is very dishonest of them to do that. What a bunch of jerks! Anyways thanks again for your quick response and suggested part number to purchase. Can't wait to try it this winter. The guys in our club swear by them.
Vick M.

To Special Services Unit,
Thank you for responding to our unique demands. As you know our military unit performs tasks in the Northern Hemisphere and your product is the only thing we have found that works to prevent breath fogging of either eyeglasses, helmet shields and/or goggles.
(Name and rank withheld upon request.)

Congrats on your Anniversary! As discussed our magazine has been using your product for years. After testing everything there is on the market, your NO-FOG® is still the best. I don't know how you guys do it but the NO-FOG® helmet mask keeps raising the bar on ways of eliminating cold weather breath fog in any temperature or riding condition.
(Editor of a North American Snowmobile Magazine)

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